Yngve and The Innocent return to Camden

This time last year we were getting ready to host Yngve and The Innocent at our Right Royal Knee’s Up (can we have another royal wedding please, that was FUN).  A few days ago they were back in Camden to launch their latest single You’ll Be Mine at the Lock Tavern.

The jaunty toe-tapper of a tune precedes the release of the group’s debut album ‘The Sadness of Remembering’, which happily landed on The Camden Store doormat this week. Brothers Yngve and Demian Wieland and their band are proper self-starters that have had to be pretty inventive to get this record up and running. They toured relentlessly in order to fund the necessary studio time, and then raised an impressive sum through pre-sales to get it ready for distribution.

It’s genuinely heart-warming to hear their reflective yet unrepentantly upbeat collection of songs pulled together, leading us to rediscover old favourites such as You’ve Been Released and Draw A Line. If anyone deserves some success, it’s them.

You can listen to the album sampler here.

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