Treetop Flyers set to climb to even greater heights

We have always felt that there is something reassuringly lovely about Treetop Flyers, and now it seems that others have come to agree the same.

The band have been enjoying a good time of it lately. They recently completed a successful tour with fellow breakthrough artist Caitlin Rose and last week announced a career defining signing to Communion Records along with the release of a new four track 10” single ‘Things Will Change’, due in May.

Today they are sharing a peak of the title track from the single with this new acoustic video of the song, in addition to a rather generous free download of the record’s second track ‘Long Cold Winter’.

Listening to this recording you can hear just why their sound sits so well with Communion Records as they create a pure and melodic form of folk, gentle on the ear but with just enough of an edge to keep things interesting. In ‘Things Will Change’ in particular we can spot a noticeable and very pleasing comparison between the vocals of Reid Morrison and another Camden Store favourite – Communion’s first signing Matthew Hegarty of Matthew and The Atlas.

The label isn’t the only industry expert to spot their potential as they will be performing in the final of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition in Pilton on Saturday. If you fancy a taste of them yourself then you won’t have to wait for long – the band will be performing at the Camden Crawl this month and at the Borderline come May…

The Camden Store Team X.


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