The Supernovas come on over to The Lock Tavern

The Camden Store is pleased to hear that our latest favourite North London export, The Supernovas will be gracing The Lock Tavern’s modest stage this Sunday (October 3) to launch their excellent new single, City of Smoke.

We caught up with the band’s lead singer, Joei Silvester to get the inside scoop ahead of their performance…

CS: For those that are reading about you for the first time how would you describe The Supernovas’ sound?

JS: I would call our music Punk with Mod sensibilities. We try to keep it kicking and very lively but without being too rigid with our sound. We’re lucky enough to be able to take influence from a load of different cultures and backgrounds which is often reflected in our sound as well.

CS: How long have you guys been playing as a band? How did you get together?

JS: Rizo, Panashe and I met and formed the band at school when we were 16. We went through two drummers before I met Moses at college and the lineup was complete. Since then, we’ve matured as musicians and all started going out with three best friends so we’re stuck together now, whether we like it or not!

CS: You guys are based in North London, does the area inspire your music at all?

JS: North London has a massive influence on our stuff, both lyrically and musically. As I mentioned earlier, the wealth of cultures and backgrounds that we have within our band have had a big influence on our sound and I think that North London is a reflection of that. Also lyrically, nearly all of our songs are about stories and situations that have happened in North London so yes, the area is a massive inspiration.

CS: What do you make of our lovely Camden? Do you get to visit us much beyond gigging?

JS: Because of the amount of gigging, touring, recording, mixing and rehearsing we’re doing at the moment, it’s difficult to get a couple of hours to yourself but Camden is definitely my stomping group when I am looking to let off steam. Since Nambucca closed, the nearest good pub to Holloway has become The Flowerpot in Kentish Town so I’ve had a few messy nights floating between there and The Lock Tavern over the last few months.

CS: Which Supernovas performances have you enjoyed most so far?

Saturday at this year’s Latitude Festival was the highlight of my career so far. We played on a big stage, went down well and then got to watch Geno Washington – fucking immense.

CS: Did you get to play any other  festivals this summer?

JS: Yeah, we were lucky enough to be brought on Strummerville’s festival tour which meant that we were able to play sets at Glastonbury, Lounge On The Farm, Secret Garden Party, Endorse-It-In-Dorset and Vintage at Goodwood. So as you can imagine, by the end of the summer, it felt strange to be sleeping in a bed rather than a tent for a change!

CS: Have you been to any good gigs recently? Got any recommendations for us?

JS: As I said, I saw Geno Washington for the first time at Latitude and then again at Vintage at Goodwood and I have to say, he’s the best live act I’ve ever seen. Absolutely brilliant. So I’d recommend him. Also, a Portsmouth band for you – Lucifer’s Gold. I saw them at Southsea Fest last weekend and I thought they were excellent.

CS: Lastly, what’s in store for The Supernovas over the next few months? An album? Worldwide domination…?

JS: Well as you know we’ve got the launch of our upcoming single City Of Smoke at the Lock Tavern. Then we’re off on the Strummerville: Westway Round The UK Tour with Rum Shebeen and Beans On Toast, which will bring us back to Camden for a show at The Flowerpot on October 17. After that we will see where we are and start planning our next single and then the album. Once that’s recorded and ready to go, we’ll be ready for world domination…

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  1. Cheers for the plug Joei x see you sunday!!

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