The Maccabees: Given to the Wild

You’d have to be living down a very dark hole not to have heard that The Maccabees have a new album out this month.  Their third offering, ‘Given to the Wild’ has attracted huge attention in the music press, with mixed reactions.

Some have hailed it a ‘renaissance’ album within which the band has found its artistic groove, while others worry that their marked change in sound might be an attempt to please bigwigs looking to cash in on the fail-safe mass appeal of the likes of predictable crowd pleasers, Coldplay.

Whatever your opinion, there’s no denying the fact that it is a finely crafted and musically accomplished record, with a number of stand-out tracks that keep you listening right to the end, including Feel to Follow and Pelicans.

We imagine these could sound rather spectacular in a live setting, and we’ve not long to wait to find out as the band will be playing Camden’s Koko tonight, at MTV’s Brand New for 2012 show.

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