Our Sunday saviours

We hate that sad Sunday night bluesy feeling we can get, realising that very soon the weekend fun is going to have to come to an end and however much we fight against it, the unavoidable truth is that Monday will come, and we will have no choice but to resign ourselves to our desks and another week of wishing the days away until we get to go out and play again.

This Sunday though, things are going to be different. We’ve come up with a masterstroke of a plan to keep the blues at bay and squeeze every last excitable drop out of the weekend.

We’re off to Proud Galleries for a night of non-stop musical fun, including an appearance from one our favourite new discoveries, the Riff Raff. We can’t quite put our finger on this veritable chameleon of a group – their sound conquers edgy, witty, folky, punky, indie and skanky in one seemingly effortless swoop. All we know is we like it a lot.

We’re obviously not the only ones to think we’re onto something here as these guys have been helped along the way with endorsement from the most excellent Strummerville – the very worthy foundation for emerging talent.

Also on the line-up are Thom Stone, The Slums, Kieran Leonard and Nimmo and the Gauntletts. If that’s not enough to tempt you then profits from the event will be going to charity.

Alex of Riff Raff fame tells us – “We’re really looking forward to the gig. It’s nice to work towards a good cause and it’ll be good to play alongside our friends Nimmo and the Gauntletts”.

If they don’t lift us out of our Sunday melancholy then nothing will.

The Camden Store Team x


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