Heart Stolen at Steeles…

I bloody love Steeles Fest! It’s the festival of the summer for me. Free, unpretentious and literally two minutes walk from my flat – that was already enough to make it a winner. But, wait – there’s so much more to it than that!


Friday. After some pretty speedy carb-loading on the way home from work, I found myself camped out in the corner of the pub, Steeles Fest bunting floating above my head.

The crowd began to swell by mid evening, just in time for This Is Black to take to the stage. They were excellent. Think Jim Morrison crossed with Albert Hammond Jr. More people should sing like that. Folk is dead. Dark rock will return, mark my words.

Bands came and went, rocking us out along the way. There was only one place left to head as the night wore on. You know where: The DANCE ARENA. That’s where. A secret staircase took us up. It was like a disco in your rich great uncle’s library. Brilliant. There was even a disco ball. And I thought they had all been taken to the dump with the lava lamps c. 2000. Not so. The disco ball lives on. And so too did the festival….

Saturday! Whoop. I was pleased to see that the festival toilet dramas had begun. The ladies were getting pretty feisty about the blocked lav and lack of toilet roll. This just made me love it even more.

Saturday highlights were the headlining Rodney Fisher, who was releasing his new record, and Mr Pepe Belmonte whose harmonica infused folk enthralled us. Plus, he had amazing eyes. Both worth a proper listen. Get on it.

Pepe Belmonte

Rodney Fisher

So to Sunday. Not to be outdone by the previous days, Sunday cracked out some corkers. Ben FM! What a dude. Not only did he perform some of his own material, but he also whipped out a Boss cover towards the end of his set and had girls screaming for more. SCREAMING. What a legend.

Ben FM

Jim Vane

Bridging the afternoon into the eve, Jamie Ley took to the stage and cooked up a treat with some jigging thumping folk. Think early Johnny Flynn or pre-Marling Mumford

Jamie Ley

So that was that, a weekend at Steele’s Fest. It was pretty amazing. You should come next year. Ladies, bring your own toilet roll.

The Camden Store Team X

Words: Pip Latimer



  1. folk is dead? strong words. steeles fest is best though.x

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