Flying high with Treetop Flyers

Last week saw the launch of Glastonbury Emerging Talent victors Treetop Flyers debut single, released by hot Ben Lovett-backed label, Communion.

Ahead of the celebratory launch show at The Borderline, we caught up with Reid, Tomer, Sam, Laurie and  Matthew from the band…..

TCS: We’re here to celebrate the release of Things Will Change – your first single with Communion, is this your first record?
No – when the band started out we realised that we needed to make some recordings in order to get gigs. We recorded at Soup Studios on Brick Lane and it turned out that the songs sounded way better than just demos, so we decided to release them as an EP. We sold so many copies that we had to order a reprint! It’s still available on itunes too.

TCS: How long have you all been together?
It’s about two and half years now. Tomer and I (Reid) were in a band together (Morrison Steam Fayre), Sam was doing solo stuff, Laurie was in The Barker Band, and Matthew was in Rum Shebeen. All those came to an end and we were hanging out at a studio in Hounslow, and sort of found each other. We weren’t quite cool enough for the Jamie T scene so we established our own.

TCS: What do you do when you are not recording/playing/rehearsing?
Laurie’s a graphic designer. Me (Reid) and Tomer edit movies for hotel rooms (yes – including all small amount of porn), Sam records and Matthew works with kids.

TCS: Signed to Communion, do you grow tired of comparisons to Mumford and Sons?
We don’t get compared to them that much as we have a very different sound. That said, if someone’s out there who doesn’t have a clue who we are, but the comparison helps them to access us then that’s great. When they see us live they’ll probably realise that the comparison isn’t all that accurate.

Communion is a great label to be signed to, they’ve really opened doors for lots of musicians – particularly in America. We were in New York recently and it brought it home just how well they are doing over there.

TCS: Which artists do you look up to?
Paul Simon, Neil Young, The Coral, The Bees, Heads Hands and Feet (they squeal A LOT about HH&F, declaring that they are seriously underrated), Otis Reading, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, The Band. We like songs with soul and meaning behind them.

TCS: How do you write songs as a band?
It changes from song to song. Someone might write the chorus and melody and then one of us will pop the lyrics over the top. It never feels like a complete song until each of us have added something to it.

TCS: Are there any songs that you wished you’d been able to include on the single today?
Well, we have nearly a whole album of songs recorded and some definite festival hits which we really enjoy playing. The single is a good introduction to the band so hopefully if people like that, then they should like the rest of our stuff. Fingers crossed.

TCS: Caitlin Rose tour – fun?
Yeah! It was eight gigs in seven days. We played quite a stripped back set each night which was great as we like to experiment and hear our songs played in a different way.

TCS: Congratulations on winning your Glastonbury slot, have you heard which stage you’re going to be on?
We’re going to be second on the Other Stage on the Saturday. And we’re also playing five other times over the course of the weekend. Some of us haven’t even been to Glastonbury before so we’re pretty excited to go and see what it’s all about.

TCS: First single launched, Glastonbury slot confirmed – are you enjoying 2011?
We’re having a lot of fun. We don’t want to expect things to happen and then be disappointed when they don’t. We want to keep grounded. We’ve got a lot of things planned, lots of weekends that we know we’re going to enjoy. Looking beyond, we want to grow organically and let our music evolve. We want longevity and to love what we do and to have some fun. It has to be fun. End of story.

Treetop Flyers are playing at Bushstock this weekend. Tickets still available here. Having heard them play, we’d strongly recommend that you check them out. Lucky for them, they look destined for both sucess and longevity.

The Camden Store Team X

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