Emmy The Great @ St Pancras Church

This week Emmy The Great is playing a mini-residency in Camden at St Pancras Old Church. These performances are now sold out but for any unlucky souls that didn’t nab a ticket in time, you can still find them for her future London shows over here.

There are many things that can be (and have been) said about this talented young lady. Her folky early tunes have certainly matured over the years to much fuller songs, and her live appearances have gone from strength to strength.

One thing that you might not have heard is that, were I ever to be stranded lost-style on the remotest island on earth, with little hope of company or rescue – I would allocate one ration of my alloted morcels of musical relief to hearing her early work Easter Parade. That’s right, my friends, on the desert island, I would take Emmy. There, I cannot recommend her any more than that.

Listen to her latest album Virtue (out June 13th) here.

The Camden Store Team (H/T Harry) X

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