November, 2011

Nov 11

Yuck headline the Electric Ballroom

You know all about Yuck, right? The band partially created by North London group and former ‘Next Big Thing’, Cajun Dance Party?

They’ve been doing the rounds for the past couple of years, setting the music industry alight for critics in search of guitar band saviours in the form of fuzzy synth/haired lo-fi indie crooners.

Blumberg, Bloom and chums are no strangers to Camden, and have been regularly spotted touting their rather dashing debut album at numerous local gig venues over the past few months, most recently with a headline show at the Electric Ballroom last week. Check out our snazzy shots over here:

Nov 11

The band called Up

Last week we headed down to the Wheelbarrow to take a look at Camden’s latest local band, Up.

The group are shunning the current 90’s revival in preference for their own 80’s funk-pop signature sound – and from what we saw they gave a comfortable, supremely tight, carnival-like performance, showcasing a host of brilliantly textured tracks. Tight bass lines, a talented guitarist, a charismatic lead singer and a ready-made fan base all contributed to an accomplished and rather exciting show.

We’re yet to be 100% convinced that this style of sound is the way forward given current trends, but who knows? We’re told there are more demos and a potential release in the pipe-line for the new year, so watch this space, maybe they’re a band that’s on the ‘Up’ (boom boom)?

Nov 11

The Staves sisters’ Camden residency

This month, Camden’s Enterprise pub is acting as the venue for The Staves’ first residency, playing host to the opening three dates of their headline UK tour.

The Camden Store went along to welcome them to the borough this week, and found them to be just as spell-binding as always. If you haven’t heard the sisters play before then you’re in for a very happy discovery. Intricately arranged three-part harmonies set to beautifully simplistic songs about love and longing combine to create a heavenly shiver-inducing live performance. If we had to compare their angelic sound to something from the mortal world then we’d take a stab at placing them somewhere between Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes – a very satisfactory place to be.

The shows coincide with the launch of the band’s outstanding new EP, ‘Mexico’ (listen here), which will be sold at their two remaining not-to-be-missed Camden dates on the 16th and 23rd, ahead of its official release in December.

Nov 11

The best of Ash at HMV Forum

Ash have been around for quite literally yonks, and it seems the band has no intention of packing in the show biz life any time soon. Now they have finally released a ‘best of’ album, reminding us of just how many indie pop corkers they’ve racked up over the years (it’s a lot), and embarked on a remembrance tour with a return appearance from ex-guitarist Charlotte Hatherley.

Last week they performed a special set at the HMV Forum in celebration of their 2001 album, Free All Angels,  during which they played every track from the seminal record, plus a few of their more recent hits. If ever there was a time and place to feel nostalgic for your younger, sprightlier teenage-self then this was it.

Take a look at our pictures from the show over here.

Pictures by Dan Aitch.

Nov 11

Tribes: Home-coming headline show

It seems that everywhere they go Tribes attract an expectant crowd humming with the sense that they are on the edge of a moment, about to be part of something special. In the year that promised the guitar band revival, Tribes have come out to show us exactly what this should be all about, creating moments of Camden magic at every opportunity.

They set the scene here back in the spring with their roof top video recording of the anthemic ‘We Were Children’, and a packed-out gig at Dingwalls. A summer of energetic festival appearances around the country followed, and last week they returned as part of an extensive tour, ready to be crowned the kings of Camden with a headline show at the Electric Ballroom.

The home crowd was treated to much loved ready-made classics such as ‘Sappho’ and ‘Coming of Age’, interspersed with lesser known songs such as ‘Himalaya’, due to be included in their debut album Baby in January. This new material reaffirmed the sense that the band have their sights set on yet bigger and better things – they’ve put in the hard graft and 2012 will be the year that they should comfortably be able to establish themselves as one of the UK’s most refreshing new live acts.

If you haven’t seen Tribes do their thing yet then you need to get on it – they always look like they’re having a ball and will make a proper effort to make sure you do too. The band are due back next for the Wheelbarrow’s shindig on December 31 at the HMV Forum – definitely the best NYE party on offer in Camden so far.

Take a look at more of our pictures from the show here (credits to Dan Aitch).