March, 2011

Mar 11

Treetop Flyers set to climb to even greater heights

We have always felt that there is something reassuringly lovely about Treetop Flyers, and now it seems that others have come to agree the same.

The band have been enjoying a good time of it lately. They recently completed a successful tour with fellow breakthrough artist Caitlin Rose and last week announced a career defining signing to Communion Records along with the release of a new four track 10” single ‘Things Will Change’, due in May.

Today they are sharing a peak of the title track from the single with this new acoustic video of the song, in addition to a rather generous free download of the record’s second track ‘Long Cold Winter’.

Listening to this recording you can hear just why their sound sits so well with Communion Records as they create a pure and melodic form of folk, gentle on the ear but with just enough of an edge to keep things interesting. In ‘Things Will Change’ in particular we can spot a noticeable and very pleasing comparison between the vocals of Reid Morrison and another Camden Store favourite – Communion’s first signing Matthew Hegarty of Matthew and The Atlas.

The label isn’t the only industry expert to spot their potential as they will be performing in the final of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition in Pilton on Saturday. If you fancy a taste of them yourself then you won’t have to wait for long – the band will be performing at the Camden Crawl this month and at the Borderline come May…

The Camden Store Team X.

Mar 11

Ben Howard – New EP/Footage

Following a top notch show over in Shepherd’s Bush last month, Camden Store’s favourite surfer/finger picker Ben Howard has this morning announced the details of his next record. The brand new 4 song EP Old Pine will be released on 23rd May via Communion and Island Records….

You can check out his Shepherd’s Bush performance right here. Lovely…

Ben is playing at the Borderline on 14th April. You’d better get yourself a ticket.

The Camden Store Team X

Mar 11

The Rise of the Slog (Song-Blog)

Something amazing happened yesterday. I listened to a song, but there wasn’t the slightest sound. My headphones lay dormant and the speakers did not fizz.

As I think about it now, this is not the first time this has happened. It seems there is fast becoming a new way to absorb the spirit of our finest musicians without hearing even the tiniest of tones.

Their voices are travelling across borders and timezones, and thankfully not just in crunched up torrent(ial) MP3 formats. We are witnessing the proliferation of a new file-sharing movement – long poems, crisp photos and beautifully tall tales. Musicians, once terrified of an interconnected world seemingly set on sharing away the value of the song-smith, are now seizing the medium for their own gain. Musicians are, well, blogging.

Not in the geeky, obsessive, slightly odd way – but in a beautiful, creative, humourous way. Nic Dawson Kelly is musing about what it is to write a record, give up drugs, move on, and move away. Young Crowns are exuding their Cornish charm, championing their roots whilst charging for the horizon. The Vaccines are spraying our senses with songs from the past, paying homage to inspiration and all that came before.

Is it a good thing? Do all these words, and pictures and influences take some of the magic away? Are musicians better the less we know of them? The Vaccines probably have something to say about this, supposedly the hippest band in the country before they had revealed their identities or played one live show. Maybe silence is golden.

But then, maybe not?

I love candour. I like it when people share an anecdote. I like it when someone says that they tripped aged seven in front of Adam and his mum on the beach, and now they can never wear flipflops without fear. I like it when people admit that they are scared or that they have messed up, that they want something better, something bigger.

Maybe it’s no surprise then that I like songs. I like the ones that tell you something with the words – something real, something meaningful. I like the songs about broken hearts. I like the songs of mended hearts too, the songs of optimism and the wonder of what’s to come.

But, sometimes I can’t listen to songs. Sometimes we all have to be silent.

And – in those times it is nice, really nice – to be able to see a song, to hear music with my eyes rather than ears, and read the songs of musicians through their pictures and their tales.

Songs are just little stories after all.

The Camden Store Team

Words: Pip Latimer

Mar 11

Camden Live Listings (28 03 2011)

Monday 28 March – Sunday 3 April

Camden Live Music Listings

Mon 28th Mar
Kilimanjaro Live presents Holy Grail & Revoker + G.U. Medicine, LTD @ Barfly Up/Down
Swing Patrol @ Blues Kitchen
Sam Hare Presents.. @ Blues Kitchen
We Show Up On Radar + Twin Brother + Skeletons On Holiday + Captain Angelo @ Bull and Gate
The Racket: Red Fire Dawn, We Are Swift and Audrey Laurencelle @ Enterprise
Reflect The Chaos, Rise To Reason, Tom Cuneo, The Superficial @ Monto Water Rats
Hot Vox @ Proud
Kut! @ Proud

Tue 29th Mar
Kilimanjaro Live presents ME VS HERO + Save Your Breath + Summerlin @ Barfly Up
Joe Glossop @ Blues Kitchen
The Racket: Dying Breeds and more tbc @ Enterprise
Monica and the Explosion @ Wheelbarrow
Open mic @ Green Note
Patrick Wolf @ Koko
Glasswerk: Blue Veils, Johnny Romance, Das Fluff, Ich Bin Finn + more @ Monarch
Kid Champion, Alex the Great, The Inevitable Pinhole Burns, Hipman Junky @ Monto Water Rats
Jingle Jangle @ Steeles
Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Aspidistras @ Proud
Thortsen Fears // Standing On Giants // Fiasco Thieves // The Lucid Visions @ Proud

Wed 30th Mar
Kilimanjaro Live presents The Virginmarys + Tankus the Henge + Sons of Icarus @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Miz Milla & Friends @ Barfly Down
Stripped Back Soul @ Blues Kitchen
BB Brunes @ Borderline
The History Of Apple Pie + Pilots + Peace + Buildings @ Bull and Gate
IGioSOUND @ Camden Rock
Peter Bjorn & John @ Dingwalls
Jamie Ley (Pictured) and guests @ Enterprise
Royal Treatment Plant @ Wheelbarrow
She’Koyokh @ Green Note
Glassjaw @ HMV Forum
Gnawa UK, Georgian Gardens, Rokioski, The Revolt, Paul Child Band @ Monto Water Rats
Rough Science, Kit Richardson, Kal Lavelle, Greg Dwight + Sound Bites Acoustic Stable @ Proud

Thu 31st Mar
Barfly presents MR FOGG + Passion Ate Dave + Wolf Alice @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Pearse Grady (BTTF) @ Barfly Down
Roll and Tumble @ Blues Kitchen
Peter Bruntnell, Jim Jones, Oh Ruin @ Borderline
The Disciplines + Ute + Applicants @ Bull and Gate
Purge @ Camden Rock
Quinta Sem Lei @ Dingwalls
Big Note: Charles Anonymous, Iman, PoetiCat, Stolen Car + more @ Enterprise
Various Cruelties @ Wheelbarrow
Sam Lewis @ Green Note
Paul Heaton @ Koko
Burning Condors live, The Elasticated Waste Band live, Bonanza (Resonance FM) dj, Bound For Glory dj @ Lock Tavern
Feed Your Head: Eliza Newman and guests @ Monarch
Down With Webster, Sam Sure and Giacomo @ Monto Water Rats

Fri 01st Apr
Barfly presents Dan Sandman + Jenny Hallam + Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra + Jan Smosarski @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Bangers & Mash April Fools Night + Young Paul (live) + The Tempest (live) + Bungalows (live) + Emily Rawson + Jimmy Napes @ Barfly Down/Up
Gumbo Rumble @ Blues Kitchen
Fireworks, Make Do & Mend @ Borderline
The Return Of Boothby Graffoe + Tbc @ Bull and Gate
Feed Your Head: Maker, The Raphaelites, Black Gold Buffalo and Bitch Picnic @ Enterprise
John McIvor @ Wheelbarrow
Attab Haddad Quintet @ Green Note
Paradise Lost @ HMV Forum
Spark @ Koko
We will pop you @ Monarch
StringerBessant, The Neon Empire, SilverBox, aof, Scott Middleton @ Monto Water Rats
Boy Mandeville, The Grand Majestic, Dixon Brothers and Friends @ Proud

Sat 02nd Apr
#7 presents TBC + amberline + Storm Of Ashes Up Buy Tickets
XK8 presents Casino Royale + Andy Lewis (Paul Weller / Acid Jazz) + Iain Baker (NME Radio) @ Barfly Down/Up
Jack Rabbit Slim @ Blues Kitchen
Comus, Diagonal @ Borderline
Five By Five: Chemical Smile and The Buddha Pests @ Enterprise
The Bread Tealers, The Dandies @ Wheelbarrow
Ta Mère @ Green Note
Kyuss Lives! @ HMV Forum
Button Down Disco @ HMV Forum
Soundtracks @ Monarch
Factory Dolls, Love And Squalor, The Enticing Ideas, Words Of Purvis, ilovelily, Greg Ashananay @ Monto Water Rats
Johan Ten Houten, La Shark (LIVE), Jay Karim, Filthy Few Djs @ Proud
Special Needs @ Heroes

Sun 03rd Apr
Frontline Promotions presents The Debut + This Is Freedom + Piper Saint + Watchoutvegas @ Barfly Up
Sunday Blues Jam @ Blues Kitchen
For Abel + Neo Ferns + Dakota Beats + The B. Goodes @ Bull and Gate
Open Mic: The Camden Sunday Sessions @ Camden Head
Camden Calling: Dekay, Swanky, Tramp, Kos + more @ Enterprise
Super Sunday @ Wheelbarrow
Jazz Jam @ Green Note
Kyuss Lives! @ HMV Forum
WILDLIFE + YOUNGHEARTS + BLACK SPARROW + THE CORSAIR, DJs: Ryan Scott + Jay Holt + Camden legend Dirty Omar! @ Heroes

The Camden Store Team X

Mar 11

The Vaccines headline Camden’s Barfly

 Last year The Vaccines generated queues outside The Flowerpot for their debut gig. This week they returned to Camden with an exclusive show at Barfly – only a handful of tickets were sold, the majority were given away free to competition winners. During the set singer Justin Young told the crowd of his ambition for the band to headline Camden’s Barfly, “and now we are”. But this will be their last chance for some time to play such a small venue, given their forthcoming UK tour schedule and their support slot on the Arctic Monkeys’ tour of the US. On Thursday night an electric combination of a loyal audience in a small venue and the album’s top-five chart entry encouraged the band to really let go and enjoy themselves.

Following their SXSW shows the band have altered the order of their live set, beginning with ‘Wolf Pack’ and saving their traditional opener ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ for much later on. It’s a bold move but the album track warmed up the crowd well. It combined up-tempo percussion from Pete Robertson with a playful interaction between Freddie Cowan’s picked lead guitar, Young’s echo-pedal infused chords and a driving bass line from Arni Hjorvar.

The morning-after tale of regret ‘Post Break Up Sex’, which Young called “hopefully, gloriously dumb” in a recent TV interview, was the second track. The audience sang along enthusiastically to its universal lyrics of shame and regret. The rest of the singles were placed towards the end of the set, allowing the crowd’s enthusiasm not to peak too soon and enabling the slightly slower numbers ‘All in White’, ‘Wetsuit’, ‘Under Your Thumb’ and ‘A Lack of Understanding’ to capture their attention. These album tracks stood up well in performance and it’s perhaps not surprising that an audience of fans already felt so familiar with this material that they continued to sing along.

The 90 second surf-pop calling card ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ saw Young abandon his guitar and mike stand to lean into the crowd. A mosh circle was established near the front, which continued through the Eddie Cochran-influenced current release ‘If You Wanna’. The run of singles concluded with ‘Blow It Up’: its ascending notes causing Young’s voice to rise to the point of breaking, giving an urgency to his performance but which is probably contributing to his current vocal health issues.

The Vaccines displayed their love of punk with a cover of The Standells’ ‘Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)’ (originally by Minor Threat). The infectious energy of this song spilled into the set closer, ‘Norgaard’, the band’s own brilliant pop punk volley. Young ended the evening with a stage dive and was raised aloft to crowd-surf his way out of the venue. As exits go it was pretty spectacular.

On the strength of this energetic performance The Vaccines’ return to Camden (they play Electric Ballroom on 7 and 8 April) is definitely worth catching.

Words and Photos: Amanda Penlington