February, 2011

Feb 11

Camden Live Listings (28 02 2011)

Monday 28 February – Sunday 6 March

Camden Live Listings

Mon 28th Feb
Barfly presents LTD @ Barfly Down
Sam Hare Presents…. @ Blues Kitchen
Barlights + Halflight + The Skeleton Dead + The Cellar Door Sound @ Bull and Gate
Glasswerk: Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), The Roaches, Morning Lane, Shacklewell Row + more @ Monarch
IVIENNA AND KELLI-LEIGH, Luke Rathborne@ Monto Water Rats

Tue 01st Mar
Barfly presents Gay For Johnny Depp + The Computers + March of the Raptors + Munroe Effect @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Sound-a-lise @ Barfly Down
Balling the Jack @ Blues Kitchen
Syd Matters @ Borderline
Or, The Whale + Winterhours + Early Ghost + Silent Devices @ Bull and Gate
‘Utter!’ Agony! @ Green Note
Sarah Blackwood (Dubstar), Liz and the Ligers and John Wheatley @ Monarch
JESSIE ROSE TRIP @ Monto Water Rats
Electrocution @ Proud
Bloody Awful Poetry @ Proud
Jingle Jangle @ Steeles

Wed 02nd Mar
Barfly presents Flood of Red + Some Of Us Never Die @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Miz Milla & Friends @ Barfly Down
Stripped Back Soul @ Blues Kitchen
Vessels, Stuart Warwick @ Borderline
Giant Steps + Montage Populaire + Napoleon In Rags + Francis Neve @ Bull and Gate
Symptomatic Presents: Broken Stars, Ros Coe Tanner, Tom Dibb and We Formed A Band @ Enterprise
Pope Joan @ Wheelbarrow
Folkadot @ Green Note
Bonanza (Resonance FM) dj @ Lock Tavern
The Mayor Of Camden’s Quiz Night @ Monarch
M.O.P. @ Jazz Café
Waylayers, Tai Chi Swayze, Awooga Cougar, Aloosh, Double Drop @ Proud
Will Adlard (Patch William), Benjamin Compston, Will Nott @ Proud

Thu 03rd Mar
Barfly presents Nevermind The Bangers @ Barfly Down
Roll & Tumble @ Blues Kitchen
Two Spot Gobi @ Borderline
Toodar + Tigers That Talked + Channel Cairo @ Bull and Gate
Jericho Acoustic: The Carolines, James Page and more tbc @ Camden Head
Kings of Everything, Red Eyes, Tom Prior And The Gents @ Camden Rock
Terrovision @ Electric Ballroom
Up All Night: THA FU, Bobby Christ and Damn Vandals @ Enterprise
Trophy Wife @ Wheelbarrow
Malcolm Holcombe@ Green Note
Litfiba @ HMV Forum
Darwin Deez @ Koko
Milk White White Teeth live, Grass House live acoustic, Paul Thomas Saunders live, Craig Wosahlo live, Young & Lost Club djs, Hit Club dj @ Lock Tavern
Club Fandango: James Owen Fender, Miaoux Miaoux and Dactyls @ Monarch
TARA LONDON @ Monto Water Rats
Tony Joe White @ Jazz Café
The Black Dove Experiment, Call Me Animal, The Hyenas, Little Black Hearts @ Proud

Fri 04th Mar
Barfly presents The Blind Hearts + The Homesick Hustlers + Ilovelily + Jessie Lee Burn @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Bangers & Mash + Cats and Criminals + Safari + Drive Through Therapy + Emily Rawson, 7oel & Wasim@ Barfly Down/Up
The Burning Condors @ Blues Kitchen
Houston @ Borderline
Thrush Metal + Tbc + Tbc @ Bull and Gate
Some Like It Hot!: Rev78, 1914s, Les Mistons and Leisurama @ Enterprise
Trio Tekke@ Green Note
Trailer Park Boys @ HMV Forum
The Agitator @ Koko
Transparent DJs @ Lock Tavern
T.O.T.P. @ Monarch
Nice Up! @ Jazz Café
Tales of the Unexpected @ Proud

Sat 05th Mar
#7 presents Waves + Empty Headz + JonPaul Palumbo + Boycott Monday @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Dollyrockers DJs @ Barfly Down
XK8 presents Casino Royale + DJ Antz In The Jam (Lockstock Festival) + Vinyl Sue (Enterprise) + Dan (Rockers & Rebels) @ Barfly Down/Up
Jack Rabbit Slim @ Blues Kitchen
Daniela Brooker @ Borderline
The Explorer’s Collective + The Moon + Oui Ja Yes + Jude Edwin Scott + Pyepi And Friends @ Bull and Gate
Da Vinci Project, Planetzim, William N’Dure, Mentioned In Dispatches @ Camden Rock
Haircut!: Sonic Tramp, Narsti, Gulls and Christopher Davies @ Enterprise
Saul Ashby @ Wheelbarrow
Keith Pearson @ Green Note
Trailer Park Boys @ HMV Forum
Button Down Disco @ Koko
Lixo @ Lock Tavern
Soundtracks @ Monarch
Moycano @ Jazz Café
Ride @ Proud

Sun 06th Mar
Sunday Blues Jam @ Blues Kitchen
These Are Them + Bowen & The Tide + Saturday Sun + Rebecca Jade @ Bull and Gate
Open Mic: The Camden Head Sessions @ The Camden Head
Die So Fluid + Joy/Disaster + Killing For Company + Ination @ Dingwalls
Camden Calling: The Outbursts, Dekay, Pete, The 4th Suit + more @ Enterprise
Rebet Asker-Greek @ Green Note
Cut Copy (Pictured) @ HMV Forum
Speak & The Spells live, Sammy 7 (S.C.U.M / Patent Saints) dj set, Stanley Schtinter, Is There a Hell Below djs, Leather Boy djs @ Lock Tavern
SY Smith @ Jazz Café
Sheltered @ Proud

The Camden Store Team X

Feb 11

A Right Royal Knees-Up

The Camden Store Team is thrilled to announce……


This is going to be the ultimate royal wedding weekender. We have hooked up with the makers of Steeles Fest and Cider Boutique to invite you to a three day, free entry music event at the Sir Richard Steele pub. The royal revelry is set to include live music across two stages – complete with DJs, dance duals, and much, much more.

Friday April 29

Make like the monarchy for a day and join in the kings and queens fancy dress alternative royal wedding reception. Kicking off the bank holiday weekend with a bang and boasting a stunning selection of top notch guest DJs, there’ll be plenty of pomp and revelry.

Saturday April 29 & Sunday May 1

The regal affair continues across Saturday and Sunday, with two stages hosting the best in up-and-coming acts, including some of our very own Camden royalty.

Keep up to date with all the line up announcements here!

The Camden Store Team X

Feb 11

Yngve & The Innocent play Bartok Live

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Yngve & The Innocent is a band to watch in 2011.

No strangers to Camden, they return to the borough tomorrow (Thursday 24) to help the Bartok celebrate the return of live music to the venue with their event The New New Rhythm & Blues.

The band will be showcasing their beautifully organic brand of country blues ahead of the release of their next single, Draw A Line. We’ve had a sneaky listen to the track and we’re pleased to report that the band is still on fine folky form.

You can get a little taster here, but we’d recommend heading along to the show tomorrow to hear it for real in all its bluesy glory…

The Camden Store Team X.

Feb 11

5 minute chat with James Apollo

Following his Bull and Gate gig on Friday night, accompanied by a free download, James Apollo is giving away his peyote inspired secrets today in a rip roaring five minute catch up with the Camden Store Team…..

So, you used to live on a boat, how did it compare to living on land?

I thank god every sweet day I set foot on land. Living on a boat was a dream, a sad, wet, sinking dream. It was a 38 foot powerboat named the Gramma, which coincidentally is the exact same name and size boat that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara boarded to take over Cuba. Hell, maybe it was the same one. It was abandoned at Pier 39, San Francisco Bay when I found it.

Did you ever worry that you might sink?

Daily. But more importantly, nightly. And when the rains came it got worse. Water came in from the top and the bottom. I tried wrapping the entire thing in plastic but all it did was make my clothes moldy any time I was gone for more than a week…

What are your plans for the year?

I’ve been touring for most of the year so far. Tour is sort of a time warp, so I’m going to start the year when I have a little time off in a couple months. To avoid prosecution all I can say is its going to involve Big Bend Texas, Peyote, and mules.

What are you most excited about?

Once the peyote ring gets worked out, I’ve got a lot of little musical projects in the works. One is teaming up with a bunch of Canadians in a cabin in the mountains outside Vancouver. Another is a joint effort with this Cuban horn quartet in Philly. There’s a few more. You’re only as good as your best pool player right?

You’re over here for a few dates, how do you our UK audiences compared to the USA?

I always like saying that I “enjoy relative anonymity in my hometown,” but yeah, the point is, audiences in the UK have been really good to me. I stride a kind of line between rock’n'roll lounge show and pissing and moaning crooner. It’s hard to find a room full of folks that will really listen to the sweet stuff, and then move a bit when the band kicks in….

The Camden Store Team X

Feb 11

Camden Live Listings (21 02 2011)

Monday 21st February – Sunday 27th February

Camden Live Listings

Mon 21st Feb
Barfly & XFM X-Posure Live presents Crocodiles + Cloud Nothings + Paris Suit Yourself @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Happy Dayz @ Barfly Down
Swing Patrol @ Blues Kitchen
We Are The Ocean @ Borderline
Air Castles + Tbc + Archimedes + Foxx Bandits @ Bull and Gate
GARDENS, OATS, RED AX JAM & BIG JET PLANE, 8Spirit (DJ) @ Monto Water Rats

Tue 22nd Feb
Base Camp Rocks presents Base Camp Rocks 2011 Finals + Abi McQuater, Cytota, Dickie & The Bohemians, Early Ghost and Kill!TheKid.@ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Dollyrockers DJs @ Barfly Down
Brother @ Borderline
Love In The Asylum + I Am Blackbird + Toy Horses @ Bull and Gate
Mumford & Sons (pictured) + Anna Calvi + Marcus Foster + Rachel Sermanni @ Dingwalls
Glasswerk: Barely Modern, Shibuya Crossings, Ich Bin Finn and Carmen @ Enterprise
Delta Maid @ Wheelbarrow
Green Note Open-Mic @ Green Note
WYE OAK, Neo Ferns, Emil Lager @ Monto Water Rats
ATOM @ Roundhouse

Wed 23rd Feb
SPC Live presents Blonde Louis @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Miz Milla & Friends @ Barfly Down
Stripped back soul.. @ Blues Kitchen
Doll & the Kicks @ Borderline
Dead Man Band + Sons And Lovers + Rio @ Bull and Gate
The Whigs Vs Dead Confederate + Backlight Pioneer @ Dingwalls
Colin McIntyre @ Wheelbarrow
The Magic Lantern @ Green Note
Cold War Kids @ Koko
The Gaa Gaas live, The Nuisance Britpop Allstar Band live, The Midnight Expresso live, Pirate Video Company live, Kamikaze djs @ Lock Tavern
The Find, THA FU, The Cullions, Broken Antler + more @ Monarch
MY LITTLE CHEAP DICTAPHONE, Grace Solero, Villa Savoye, Jess Murray @ Monto Water Rats
12 Tone @ Roundhouse

Thu 24th Feb
Tidal Concerts presents Moral Dilemma + The Exposed + Shitty Limits + Pettybone @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Taste The Floor + The First Loves DJ Set @ Barfly Down
Roll and Tumble @ Blues Kitchen
Francesqa @ Borderline
Spectrals + Paris Suit Yourself + Patch William + Frontiers @ Bull and Gate
Sleeper Effect, Feed me To the Lions, Killing Vegas, Blue Stragglers @ Camden Rock
Big Note: Andy McGrath, igioSOUND, Karl and Mike, Sissi Silver + more @ Enterprise
Hooligan Soup @ Wheelbarrow
Dave Swarbrick @ Green Note
The Midnight Beast @ Koko
Crowns live, Winterhours live, Bonanza (Resonance FM) dj @ Lock Tavern
The Operation, Revelin Sky, Hipslinky and Empress @ Monarch
THE MATTLESS BOYS, The Priscillas, Pirate Love @ Monto Water Rats
Eat your own ears @ Roundhouse

Fri 25th Feb
Barfly presents Karvel + Deportivo + The Harriots + Zugzwang @ Barfly Up
The Fly Magazine New Issue Party presents Twilight Sad + Hot Horizons + Fly Magazine DJs Down @ Barfly Up
Knoxville @ Blues Kitchen
Space Ritual @ Borderline
The A Train + Personal Space Invaders + Louise Le Gry + Bob Music @ Bull and Gate
Rewind @ Dingwalls
Ace Motel: Gabi Garbutt And The Breadstealers, The Temps, The Glue Ensemble, Holah + more @ Enterprise
Lianne La Havas @ Wheelbarrow
Vendendo Peixe @ Green Note
Reel Big Fish @ HMV Forum
Mica Paris @ Jazz Café
VHS Shot Club @ Lock Tavern
Tiger Feet @ Monarch
Lifehouse @ Roundhouse

Sat 26th Feb
Barfly presents The Recusants + Dirty Soul Rockers + The Medicine @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Barfly DJs @ Barfly Down
XK8 presents Smoke & Mirrors + DJ Trenchfoot (Fortress Studios) @ Barfly Down/Up
Franck Ash @ Blues Kitchen
Phoenix Foundation, Buffalo Release Party, Dallas Guild @ Borderline
The Guilty Hands + My Little Empire + Dead On Tv @ Bull and Gate
Why so serious @ Dingwalls
Big Note: The Coonics, You Save You, Delta Unit, Sexy Kid + more @ Enterprise
Middleman @ Wheelbarrow
Monroe’s Revenge @ Green Note
Cage Warriors @ HMV Forum
Guilty Pleasures @ Koko
Young Fathers live, Charli XCX live, The Whip dj set, The Beeny Royston Experience dj @ Lock Tavern
Soundtracks @ Monarch
THE RISING, No Flash, Red N Pink, Dream Roller, Silent Signals, Rattlesnake @ Monto Water Rats
Unconvention Rising @ Roundhouse
Eko @ Roundhouse

Sun 27th Feb
Barfly presents Everything Burns + KOPPERHED + Dethonator @ Barfly Up
Sunday Blues Jam @ Blues Kitchen
Tim Ten Yen + Sterling Roswell + Martin Yelswel @ Bull and Gate
Open Mic: The Camden Sunday Sessions @ Camden Head
All Adored: Alex The Great, Zoe Konez, The Ungrateful Guests, Dave James + more @ Enterprise
Foreign Office, Trip Wires @ Wheelbarrow
Delicatessen @ Green Note
British Sea Power @ HMV Forum
Young Fathers live, Charli XCX live, The Whip dj set, The Beeny Royston Experience dj @ Lock Tavern
AWAY WITH THE FAERIES, Rachel K Collier, Follly, The Tally @ Monto Water Rats

The Camden Store Team X