January, 2011

Jan 11

Pepe Belmonte – The Hermit’s Waltz

I first caught sight of Pepe Belmonte way back in the last days of the summer. Just as the leaves were beginning to turn to gold, Pepe’s dulcit tones floated across a crowded Steeles Fest and I was enthralled – hooked, line and sinker.

Months on, and I have a cracking hangover. Jaegarbomb paranoia is at its hallucinogenic height, and Saturday looks like a mountain which I am not going to be able to climb. Stumbling out of my flat, in search of something – solace, sanctuary, hydration, who knows where; I tread on it – a package of salvation.

Right there in my un-hoovered hallway lies Pepe’s début album, The Hermit’s Waltz. Distracting me from my previous pursuit, I abort and retreat, silently hoping that I may have just been thrown a bone by some omni-benevolent being.

Pepe’s opening track To the Boys and Girls sets the scene for what is to become my revival.

His voice is difficult to capture, possessing all the necessary qualities to inspire Dylan-like comparisons. But, it’s more than that. Breathless at times, but nimble in a way that Bob’s has never been. Less pained, perhaps, but full of soul all the same.

The songs themselves are again difficult to define, folklike, telling stories that seem to be worth more than the sum of words. Harmonicas and strings appear at different times throughout, but always I waited for the return of the voice, to tell me the rest of the tale.

Characters weave in and out of the songs, a Lonely Lady, an old friend across the border, a waltzing hermit…. yet, it is the man that sings these songs of others that I wanted to know more of.

I lay, muted and motionless for the full ten tracks of the album and learnt much about the souls of the characters in the songs, but little about the man that sang them.

Glimpses of his own heart begin to creep out in Nothing blue except the sky but soon the lyrics have meandered back to the safer shores of singing about an other.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me, there is no question in my mind – this album is a wonder. I just came away intrigued, intrigued to know more about the songsmith himself.

I guess that’s what second albums are for?

Pepe will be playing this Wednesday at Green Note.

The Camden Store Team X

Words: Pip Latimer

Jan 11

The guitar band comeback marches on

All the signs are indicating that good old-fashioned guitar bands are set to be making a comeback on the music scene this year. One group that already has their finger on the pulse is Camden regular, Deadwax.

Their influences ring loud and clear throughout their sound, as they draw inspiration from the likes of Supergrass, The Beatles and Oasis, making us feel pretty nostalgic for the glory indie days of the nineties. This revival is probably long overdue.

If you fancy checking them out for yourself then you’re in with every chance of catching them at a live performance soon, as they have not one, not two, but three local gigs lined up over the next couple of weeks. First up is a headline show for the band at the Bullet Bar in Kentish Town tonight.

Jan 11

One-man mojo machine

We have to be honest, our spirits can start to flag at this time of year. January is generally a bit pants. Luckily for us, we tend to find that a good dose of live music can usually do the trick when it comes to boosting our spirits, especially if it is of the raucous variety.

We think we might have found an antidote to the winter blues in one-man band, Andy Twyman.  With a myspace page that boasts the bizarre yet intriguing claim that this blues player has more mojo than a chicken on cocaine, we’re thinking that he might have a thing or two to teach us about how to keep our energy levels up.

We’ll be prescribing ourselves with a regular dosage of this man over the next few weeks as he plays a string of gigs across Camden, kicking off with a performance at The Lock Tavern tomorrow.

Jan 11

Camden Live Listings (24 01 2011)

Monday 24 January – Sunday 30 January

Camden Live Listings

Mon 24th Jan
Barfly presents Speakeasy @ Barfly Down
Sam Hare presents…. @ Blues Kitchen
Drake Bell, Luke Pickett @ Borderline
The Bonfires + Treefight For Sunlight (Pictured) + Pippa Marias @ The Bull & Gate
Club Stuntfox: Pettybone, The Holiday Plan, Piper Saint and Brinkworth @ Enterprise
Lily Neill @ Green Note
Hot Vox @ Proud

Tue 25th Jan
Barfly presents Boy Cried Wolf + Sons and Lovers + Ben Deignan + Jasmine Rodgers @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Dollyrockers DJs @ Barfly Down
Blues Dancing with Swing Patrol @ Blues Kitchen
Shea Seger, Adam Phillips @ Borderline
Mouth 4 Rusty + Chris Hicks + David J. Roch @ The Bull & Gate
Pete Lawrie and Treetop Flyers @ Enterprise
Jingle Jangle @ Steeles
Tom Williams and The Boat @ Wheelbarrow
Green Note Open-Mic @ Green Note
MTV’s brand new for 2011 @ Koko
Glasswerk: Shacklewell Row, Family and Tom Moriarty @ Monarch
Call the landlord @ Proud

Wed 26th Jan
Barfly presents The Mars Patrol + The Institute of Modern Love @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Miz Milla & Friends @ Barfly Down
Stripped Back Soul @ Blues Kitchen
Madison Violet @ Borderline
Lockabout: The Alternative Australia Day Party: Lockabout:The Alternative Oz Day Party @ Dingwalls
Music Glue: The Van Doos, Montage Populaire, The Hit Club DJs and This Playground DJs @ Enterprise
Rue Royale @ Steeles
Breadstealers @ Wheelbarrow
Dean Dyson @ Green Note
MTV’s brand new for 2011 @ Koko
Oh! Gunquit (Dj’s), Luxury Condo (live) @ Lock Tavern
Marquee Live: Jim Stapley, Skinny Machines and Dead Monroe @ Monarch
Love Parry III, Homo Erectus, Mademoiselle Mademoiselle, Talkers @ Proud

Thu 27th Jan
Barfly presents The Gracious Few @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Rockers & Rebels @ Barfly Down
Roll and Tumble @ Blues Kitchen
Mama Rosin @ Borderline
David E. Sugar + Anoraak + Mat Motte + Lighthouses @ The Bull & Gate
Big Note: The Letter K, Th’Sheridans, Sprungloaded, Allan Cuevas + more @ Enterprise
The Magic Lantern @ Green Note
Andy Twyman live, Bonanza (Resonance FM) dj @ Lock Tavern
Back To The Future: The Receeders and Bri Aphrodite @ Monarch
The Dandies, Lysergic Suite, Black Wildes, Faris Badwan, Ronnie Joice @ Proud

Fri 28th Jan
The Racket presents Ideals + Pretty Guts + Korda Marshall + The Late Lights @ Barfly Up
The Fly Magazine New Issue Party presents Ivan Ink n Isa (live) + Big Deal (live) + The Laurel Collective (live) + Joni (Visions Of Trees) DJ set + Dennis Believe dj set + Fly Magazine DJs + Gwilym Gold (Golden Silvers) @ Barfly Down/Up
Zoo Zoo @ Blues Kitchen
Black Candy Store, Catfight @ Borderline
Lola King & The Kick Starts + Gunning For Tamar + Bow Street Revolt + Pocket Lips @ The Bull & Gate
Stony Broke Fridays: Robin Buckland, The Beta Males Picnic, Dr. Brown, Gemma Whelen + more @ Camden Head
Rewind @ Dingwalls
Ace Motel: Liz & The Ligers, The Voxx, Glenn Ponder & The Lazarus and The Valkarys @ Enterprise
Bi Beo @ Green Note
Melanie Pain @ Jazz Café
Club NME @ Koko
Dannyboy dj, Tom Frog dj @ Lock Tavern
Tiger Feet @ Monarch
Ice Black Birds, Early Ghost // Dixon Brothers, Renee Wonky Pop @ Proud

Sat 29th Jan
XK8 presents LAST EVER Campari Safari!!! + The Six + Auto De Fe + From Great Height + Balloon Man @ Barlfy Up
Barfly presents DJ Ant Buck (Lockstock Festival) @ Barfly Down
XK8 presents My Generation Vs Your Generation + Dollface @ Barfly Down/Up
The Milkshakers @ Blues Kitchen
Joy Formidable @ Borderline
Emergenza Festival @ The Bull & Gate
Why so serious @ Dingwalls
Big Note: Cheating The Reaper, Et Tu Brucé?, CN Lester and James Uphill @ Enterprise
Imperial Leisure @ Wheelbarrow
Abyss Quartet @ Green Note
Guilty Pleasures @ Koko
In Flagranti dj, Punks Jump Up djs, Stopmakingme dj, Singleton dj @ Lock Tavern
Soundtracks @ Monarch
Johan Ten Houten, Filthy Few & Jay Karim Djs @ Proud

Sun 30th Jan
Frontline Promotions presents Silent Screams @ Barfly Up
Sunday Blues Jam @ Blues Kitchen
Artist 2is Reunion No.5, British Rock n Roll Heritage Show, Incredible Roy Young, Howie Casey, Graham Fenton, Terry Wayne, Simon Scott @ Borderline
Rough Science @ The Bull & Gate
Open Mic: The Camden Sunday Sessions @ Camden Head
Gazpacho @ Dingwalls
Molotov Jukebox @ Wheelbarrow
Viper’s Dream @ Green Note
Frank McComb @ Jazz Café
Kicker Conspiracy 3rd Birthday @ Lock Tavern
Anja Mccloskey & Moon Visionaries & Hermes / Acoustic/ Indie / House / Nu Disco @ Proud

The Camden Store Team X

Jan 11

“Shhh…..” Festival

Lovely Cecil Sharp House

it’s. oh. so quiet
it’s oh. so still

Bjork loved a bit of a shhhh. Looks like she was not the only one, as this Saturday we see the return of the “Shhh…” festival to kick off the 2011 festival season. Be still and you can hear the pitching of tipis at dawn.

Following the success of 2009’s “Shhh…” event hosted over in (gulp) West London, the organisers (The Local and The Line of Best Fit) saw sense in 2010 and relocated the 20 act all day extravaganza to good old Camden Town. Needless to say, their postcode hopscotch paid dividends as the 2011 event is set to take place on Saturday in the lovely Cecil Sharp House.

So what’s the muted crack? We’ve read up – it seems to be pretty straightforward: 20 acts for your pleasure, and no talking please. That’s the rule. It may seem petty. It may seem unworkable. And, if that is the way you feel, then maybe this isn’t the festival for you.

That said; if you can manage to button-it whilst the acts are performing, you will certainly be rewarded. Amongst those set to take to the alter-like stage are Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite, Seamus Fogarty, who will surely lull you into the meadows of your mind; and the oftentimes beautiful Bleeding Heart Narrative.

We’d recommend that you tape up your mouth, open your ears and head on over.

The Camden Store Team X

The full line up: Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Still Corners, Banjo or Freakout, The Mariner’s Children, The London Snorkelling Team, Lewis & Clarke, Abimaro and the Free, Elle Osborne, Dark Captain Light Captain, Seamus Fogarty, Geese, Fuzzy Lights, Lewis Floyd Henry, Outshine Family, Conquering Animal Sound, Phildel Fos, Matt Bauer, Dana Falconberry, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Judson Claiborne, Dean McPhee, Ten, Franz Kirmann + A Dancing Beggar, The Last Dinosaur, Rob St. John, with DJ sets from: Warmest Chord, Jen Long (BBC Radio 1), The Line Of Best Fit.