October, 2010

Oct 10

Camden’s getting cupcaked

Do you like cake? Do you like live music? Yes, and yes? In which case it is time to shake off those dodgy hangovers and get yourselves down to Proud in Camden for the inaugural Cupcake Camp.

Described as ‘cupcakes with a conscience’, over 2000 cakes are promised to be on offer, along with frosting shots (we like the sound of those) and a nice little bit of live music to settle you into the afternoon. Best of all, it’s all in the aid of charideee.

Jake Morley will be there playing some tunes on his guitar, ‘flat lap’ style.


The Camden Store Team X.

Oct 10

The Collectable Few

Sparklers on Primrose Hill, flasks of mulled wine, distant fireworks over London Town; what’s not to love about November 5th?

Next Friday, we are adding a further delight to our already action packed evening, a trip to Barfly to see the talented Collectable Few. Having hummed along to some of their tracks online, we were eager to know more and got in touch with the boys for a quick chat……

TCS: How did you start out making music?

Nat and I (Tom) were old school friends who started listening and getting excited by music at an early age. We began writing songs and performing in bands together shortly after, during our early teens.

One night we got talking to a quiffed young man in a West London pub, who turned out to be Tarek – a singer who was looking for a new project.

The three of us met several times in the following weeks, writing material inspired by fuzzy 90’s guitar bands and new-wave pop from both sides of the Atlantic.

Shortly afterwards, having grown tired of foot stamping, we decided to try out a talented local drummer who Nat had seen around a few places and taken an instant disliking to. Thankfully that changed over a few ales. As soon as the four of us set foot inside the rehearsal room, the band came to life.

TCS: Do you prefer writing or performing?

We love both in different ways. Playing to a live crowd brings a very intense excitement which lasts for a while after you’ve left the stage, disappears and then comes back as soon as you think about the next gig. Writing is something that you never really put down, there are ideas in your head constantly and it can be both very energising and quite exhausting. We often get worried looks on the tube when we’re singing bass lines and untested melodies into our phones for safe keeping.

TCS: What inspires your songs?

The songs are all short stories inspired by Tarek’s experiences of growing up in London – his home away from home, and his acerbic but heartfelt take on life and relationships. Some of them involve his own experiences, others are inspired by Manga and too much sugar.

TCS: Are there any artists that influence your work?

Sonic Youth, The Beatles, Stanley Kubrick, Prince, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Peter Blake, Jack Nicholson, Larry David, The Police, Nirvana, Blur, Paul Simon, Sly Stone.

TCS: What’s next?

Our debut single ‘Headstrong’ will be available in all creditable record stores from January 24th 2011.

The Camden Store Team X

Oct 10

Neil (what a) Diamond

Rebellions come in all shapes and sizes. Some start as a response to oppression, some as desperate attempts to self-define. I am thinking adolescent angst as acne rages. Others are just naughty, private rebellions; quiet stubborness on an otherwise non-descript Saturday.

This week the Roundhouse is hosting the electric proms. Rock/sex God Robert Plant and British icon/Liz Hurley’s best friend Elton John have already played. You can catch up with their performances here.

So, what is this rebellion in our midst? Well, truth be told – we want to come out. We love emerging bands that we write about at Camden Store HQ. We really can’t get enough of them…..

But, and you should be gentle with us when we share this,we have a bit of a thing for Neil Diamond too.

And, we’re not talking about a fabricated thing that many found in a field in Somerset a couple of years back.

We found our love for Neil one glorious alpine day in the back seat of a volvo, circa 1989. The James and the Giant Peach tape needed to be turned over on the walkman, so for a few short moments we could hear what the rest of the family was singing along too: Neil, Neil, Neil! James, even with an oversized piece of fruit, couldn’t compete.

Twenty years on and we meet again. Neil is playing the final slot at the Electric Proms tonight. Tickets have sold out, but don’t let that stop you.

The Camden Store Team X

Oct 10

Steeles yourself for a spooky weekend

Following the storming success of September’s Steeles Fest, the big old North London boozer is back with a three day spooky showcase set to send shiv-shiv-shivers down your spine. The deliciously horrifying line-up includes Grammy nominated James Hunter and resident DJs Daft Fader and Lewis.

Before heading to Escapades to purchase the last giant pumpkin suit in town, we caught up with Steve Hurdle and Rodney Fisher, Steeles’ head honchos….

TCS: Halloween at Steeles – Trick or treat?

Steve: Am I receiving tricks or treats or giving them out? I would prefer to be given treats, but would give out tricks – nothing illegal – unless it’s a hot girl then defo give treats – again nothing illegal….

TCS: Will giant pumpkins be admitted?

Rodney: Giant pumpkins will be admitted, although they might have a job getting through the front door. Maybe we will make a special giant pumpkins entrance round the side.
Steve:Pumpkins are welcome…. us at Steeles say come one come all, except chavs and X-Factor contestants, although Mary is allowed.

TCS: Is the ghost of Sir Richard expected?

Rodney: The ghost of Sir Richard will be there – he’s always there – but whether or not you can see him will depend entirely on what you’re drinking.
Steve: No ghosts please, I have to live there.

TCS: We heard a rumour that there would be shots of blood available? True or false?

Steve: Ha. Yeah shots of blood…….belonging to Roger Moore!
Rodney: Shots of blood? Ew… BUT people in fancy dress will get a shot of black sambuca. Proper Halloween fancy dress, not ‘oh I’m dressed up as my friend Tim...’

It’s a way off, but what are the chances of Christmas karaoke?

Rodney: Christmas karaoke you say? Now there’s an idea. A bad idea.
Steve: Instead I’m forming a band to play christmas covers!! It will be a similar standard of performance to seven pissed birds from Grimsby singing “I should be so lucky” at Yates wine bar on a Friday night in town.

Christmas can’t come soon enough.

For more details of the Halloween three day weekend, click your way to here. And as ever, if you want to stay in touch with all events in Camden, make sure you take yourself here. It would be ghoulish not to.

The Camden Store Team X

Oct 10

Farewell to the Flowerpot (for now)

Camden’s live music scene suffered a brutal blow last week with the gutting news that come November, the Flowerpot will be no more. The venue that can be held largely responsible for bringing the heart and soul back into Kentish Town, and has done much to support breaking new talent in London has been done over by some seriously unlucky leasing issues.

We hope that they’ll be back bigger and better as soon as possible, but in the meantime they will be waving the venue goodbye with a Halloween weekender mash-up, including performances from Cornish ruffians Crowns and rhythm and blues masters The Joker & The Thief.

All booze must go, so if you like all hallows’ eve messy, this could be the party for you.

The Camden Store Team x.