September, 2010

Sep 10

Pilotlight for a Saturday night…

With a début album out in November, Pilotlight are in Camden Town this weekend to launch their latest single Afraid of Heights. In advance of the gig at Monto Water Rats, we caught up with Mick from the band…..

Your début album Post War Musical is out at the beginning of November, how long did it take you to get to this point?

We’ve been playing together in some form or other since we were kids. Pilotlight happened in about 2006 and we began work on the album in 2008. We released it earlier this year in Ireland, where we hail from, and we’re just about to get it out here through Glasstone Records. Its been a pretty long journey with plenty of highs & lows, too many to mention here – come along to the gig and we’ll bore you to tears with the stories!!

If you could pick only gigging OR recording/writing what would you opt for?

It’d have to be writing & recording, we’re happiest together as a band at the moment when while writing it all comes together, there’s the glance around the room and we know we’ve hit something that moves us. If the music is good enough to inspire people to come to see us play then its a pretty huge bonus.

Post War Musical and Pilotlight are pretty intriguing names/titles? What made you decide on them?

Essentially the Post War Musical, was a project introduced by the government after the Second World War in order to boost morale, by pushing people towards the arts in a time of devastation. We felt this rang through with alot of the themes of the album. The name Pilotlight puts us in mind of new ideas & beginnings and the time we chose the name it was that for the band both musically and personally.

Do you have a favourite track on the album?

It changes all the time, at the moment I’m really enjoying Letting Balloons Go, its a good song for when the weather changes like this.

So, looking ahead to the gig, will there be any new material that fans haven’t heard yet?

We’ll be playing a track called Still Point Of My Turning World that’s still in its infancy and really exciting for us to do live. Hopefully we’ll be getting in to the studio to do a follow up EP to the album pretty soon and I think that’s a definite for it.

If you could pick another artist’s song, is there one song that you wished you has written?

So many… the film Control was on the TV just a few nights ago so it has me on a bit of a Joy Division buzz just at the moment – Love Will Tear Us Apart is such a classic.

It is getting colder, any chance you would consider releasing a Christmas single?!

Wouldn’t mind doing a version of Fairytale in New York but something tells me the original will never be beaten, despite Ronan Keating’s sorry attempts… As far as us doing a Christmas single, I’m not sure if we’re quite jolly enough to be honest, it might end up being a bit downer for the season of cheer!

Thanks to Mick from Pilotlight. To see Mick and the rest of the Pilotlight guys in action, get yourself down to Monto Water Rats on Saturday 2nd October. It looks set to be a great gig.

The Camden Store Team X

Sep 10

The Week Ahead….

As we finally pack away our suitcases and sunglasses, it is time to seek out some cracking delights here in our own beloved Camden Town.

Thank goodness then that this week’s listings are out! Take a peek to your right and you will find them tucked into a new home. But, if reading isn’t enough to light your soul on fire, why not click on to our spotify playlist to sample some of this week’s delights:


Try before you buy and all that.

Sample yourself silly on an eclectic mix of surf pop, acoustic attitudes and much, much more.

That’s Some Dream – Good Old War (Pictured)
I Would Let You – French Kissing
Stop And Stare – Fenech-Soler
The Old Radio – Paul Heaton
Will You Love Again – Mark Hole
Pull The House Down – Stricken City
Loose Change – Straight Lines
Crystal Clear – Young Guns
Phone – Magic Kids
The Camden Store Team X

Sep 10

Birthday blues

The Blues Kitchen will be celebrating its first birthday in epic style next month with a rare intimate gig from everyone’s favourite crusty seadog, Seasick Steve.

He’ll be performing a selection of classics from his ever-growing back catalogue, including those from the 2010 Valentine album, Songs for Elisabeth.

His unbeatable brand of slide-guitar stomp-blues will undoubtedly make for a birthday to remember.

We’ll be there with bells on.

The Camden Store Team x.

Sep 10

Not so standard, Standard Fare!

It can be a tough trek to the top of pop. Some bands confuse us with their apparent seamless rise, whilst others labour for years before we finally realise their brilliance – think Ryan Adams and his Whiskeytown days.

There are different ways to make it. Some bands write and write and write. Others gig, gig, gig. Either way, it can be a pretty trying endeavour. That is why we here at The Camden Store want to commend those that really do put in the effort, those that don’t take no for an answer, those that are prepared to convince the cynical crowd that they are worth their time.

So, here’s to Standard Fare! Following a storming performance at SxSW this year, these indie boys (and girl) are fighting their way into a crowded market place. And, they are fighting hard. They are heading for the gigging route to the top, performing at Proud (25th September), the Lexington and the Wilmington over the next few weeks. They will also be squeezing in trips to Manchester, Wakefield, Bristol and Cambridge. Next stop – back to America.

We recommend that you check them out. Their innocent poppy sound may yet resuscitate the summer. Plus, you never know, you might just like them.

The Camden Store Team X

Sep 10

Listings (09 20 2010)

What are we waiting for? A week of live music, gigs, dancing, and fun nights out in Camden Town awaits. Check out the weekly Camden Store listings right here….

List – Me – Up

Mon 20th Sep

Delta Spirit + Nathaniel Rateliff + Ay Ducane @ Barfly

Speakeasy @ Barfly

Carrie Rodriguez, Romantica @ Borderline

The Complete Short Stories + Films Of Colour + Seerauber Jenny + Liz Lawrence @ Bull and Gate

ICMP Songwriting Competition – The Final: Karl Wilson, Signe Madsen, George Frakes, Jess Gardham + more @ Enterprise

THE CRAVE, Sons Of Albion, The Royal Cartel, Airforce, The Rocket Dolls @ Monto Water Rats

 Tue 21st Sep

Fight Like Apes + Underground Railroad @ Barfly

Sound-a-lise @ Barfly

Musee Mecanique, Mariner’s Children @ Borderline

Punk Rock Karaoke + Rabies Babies @ Bull and Gate

Smoke Fairies @ Dingwalls

Glasswerk: Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), Sean Taylor and Jake Hall @ Enterprise


Dimmu Borgir @ HMV Forum


The Hamptons, The Evil Stairs, The Screenbeats and State Of The Union @ Monarch

ANDY DAVIS, September Gun, Dead Sea Navigators, Sensible Sam and Japan, Robert Carey @ Monto Water Rats

Wed 22nd Sep

The Megaphonic Thrift + Illness + Hedoniacs @ Barfly

Lisbee @ Borderline

Pete The Temp + Alan Wolfson + Bang Said The Gun @ Bull and Gate

Kiss The Music: Deathline, Listen Lisse and Nathan Holme @ Enterprise


Cheick Tidiane Seck (Mali) @ Jazz Cafe

The Ruskins ft Jack O’Connell (Cook from Skins) and The Joker & the Thief @ Koko

Dead Leg presents Pandapalooza: The Candle Thieves, Sam Little, Lost On Campus and Matt Smithies @ Monarch

Thu 23rd Sep

Rob Cowen and the Dissidents + Winterhours+ Locomotives @ Barfly

Rebels & Rockers @ Barfly

Futures @ Borderline

Run, Walk! + Bastions + Teeth And Tusks + Tbc @ Bull and Gate

Crucial Music Club: Moon Pilot, Ivory Heroes, Ambersuit and Josh Bra @ Enterprise


Omar Sosa (Cuba) @ Jazz Cafe

Little Dragon @ Koko

Buffalo Rocks: James Walsh (Starsailor), Jim Stapley and Lee MacDougall @ Monarch

THE TRUEMEN, Planet Magnetic, The Superficial, Big Behaviour @ Monto Water Rats

Fri 24th Sep

I Am Arrows + Sketches @ Barfly

The Fly Magazine New Issue Launch +Chapter Sweetheart (live) + Thrush Metal (live) +DuD (live) + Sunday Girl DJ set @ Barfly

Tommy Reilly, Thomas J Speight @ Borderline

Ace Motel: Antlered Man, The Bon Vivants, Princip, B-Lock And The Girl @ Enterprise


Little Comets (Pictured) @ Koko

OLKA DOT, Black Diamond Bay, Deadsilence Syndicate, Acid Temple @ Monto Water Rats

Sat 25th Sep

The Stayaways + The Involved + One Eyed Jacks @ Barfly

Bitches Be Crazy + Emergency Vehicle + Pigeons of Death + Hong Kong Money @ Barfly

Smoke & Mirrors + DJ Trenchfoot (Fortress) + DJ John Downfall (Cheap$kates) @ Barfly

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction @ Borderline

Big Note: Decoy, The Wrong’uns, The Scissors, Golden Rabbit + more @ Enterprise


Trailer Park Boys @ HMV Forum


SUNDOG, Tyson, Jail, Foxstics, Ulterior Motives @ Monto Water Rats

Sun 26th Sep

Brooke Parrott + Max Luck + Bella McKendree @ Barfly @ Borderline

Aba Shanti, Emmanuel Joseph, Ras Iyah, Shandi-i + more @ Dingwalls

New Legends: Gutterfly, Lostaura, Jimmy Etheridge and Thorsten Fears @ Enterprise



The Camden Store Team X