August, 2010

Aug 10

Allo Darlin’ you seem like a bit of a geek to me

Last Wednesday. What were you doing? Remember that torrential downpour? You do? Well, rather than rest up on the sofa in the dry, we decided to put on our least waterproof shoes and swim on down to Proud Galleries for some Geek Night action with our new fave ukulele-fronted band, Allo Darlin’.

We had read the promo stuff, so we knew that we HAD to wear spectacles in order to save a pound on our admission. Duly noted. When we ran into the band, we were pretty pleased to note that they too had some thick eye-wear going on. But looking around the room at a sea of misted lenses, we couldn’t quite work out where we sat on the scale of irony. Were the nerds mocking us, or were we mocking the nerds?

So, Allo Darlin’ what’s in your name? It is a noun. At least, that is was the band say. A bit like The Do Run Runs, although that was never a band. Turns out Allo Darlin’ used to be The Darlings, but so did another band. After a tug of war, our geeks had to cede the name and the hunt was on for a new one. A London market trader’s daily taunt finally embedded itself in the conscience of lead singer Elizabeth and here we are today.

Despite the weather, enough of us waded up to Proud to provide a big enough crowd and they made it worth our while with their poppy uke twangs and their clever parcels of words. At one point, we heard a delighted scream, “THIS SONG IS ABOUT PHYSICS”. Excellent. What more could we ask for?

Allo Darlin’ will be back in Camden on 1st October alongside Camden Store chums Hexicon. You should check them out. With or without your specs – it is the ears that matter, after all.

The Camden Store Team X

Aug 10

Listings (08 30 2010)

What are we waiting for? A week of live music, gigs, dancing, and fun nights out in Camden Town awaits. Check out the weekly Camden Store listings right here….

List – Me – Up

Tue 31st Aug
Dynamic Music presents District 6 + Disclosure + £10 + Still I Rise + Decodes @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Sound-a-lise @ Barfly Down
Mallory Knox + The Social Club + They Came From Japan @ Bull and Gate
Roves, British Worties and The Pocket Gods @ Enterprise
Shelta @ Flowerpot
Alvarez Kings, Me John & The Drummer and Love in The Asylum @ Monarch
[dweeb], SCAMS, Bitches Be Crazy @ Monto Water Rats

Wed 01st Sep
Barfly presents Victor Talking Machine + Flower of Zeus + Dexy + Proletariats @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents DJ Abi Feltham (Diesel Radio) @ Barfly Down
Pete & The Pirates + Redtrack @ Bull and Gate
Kate Stapley, Gabi Garbutt And The Breadstealers, Melatone, Mat Lingraad + more @ Camden Head
The Screenbeats, Sensible Sam & Japan, Karaoke with Lila and The Bit Between @ Enterprise
Freelance Whales, Flashguns @ Monto Water Rats
Krakatoa, Bangbangbang, Clip Stamp Fold, The Rimes, Custard Chuckers @ Proud

Thu 02nd Sep
hmvlive and The Fly presents Everything Everything (Pictured) + Clock Opera @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents After party with Everything Everything DJs + Visions Of Trees DJs plus guests + Nevermind The Bangers DJ’s @ Barfly Down
Lovvers + Dignan Porch + Peepholes + Ono Palindromes @ Bull and Gate
STOREY and Special Guests @ Dingwalls
William Nein Tea Party, Hollowmen, Shanakee and James Rose @ Enterprise
Martin Harley @ Green Note
Robert Plant **SOLD OUT** @ HMV Forum
Miaoux Miaoux, The B. Goodes and Empress @ Monarch
The Milk, Them Getaways, Rocketeer, RightClickSaveAs, British Worthies, The Goodtimes @ Monto Water Rats
Teenagersintokyo, Scoundrels, Captain Dangerous, Jakwob, Bryn 457 @ Proud

Fri 03rd Sep
Barfly presents Vices + Dead Mask Club + Dead Legs @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Bangers & Mash + ROUGH SCIENCE + Faithful Child + Mucky Pups + Wooden Pigs + James Theaker (NME Radio) + Emily Rawson @ Barfly Down
The Muleskinners @ Blues Kitchen
Touchstone @ Borderline
Invasion + Magna Saga + Bleech + Eights ‘n’ Aces @ Bull and Gate
Paintings Of Ships, Tony Black And Band and Touch Me I’m Sick DJs @ Camden Head
Dead Cassette, De Shamonix and The Naked Lights @ Enterprise
Kosmos Ensemble @ Green Note
Will Knox, **ENGLAND v BULGARIA LIVE IN THE BAR**, Chieftown, Astronauts With Microphones, The Filthy Habits, Episode One, Await The Silence @ Monto Water Rats
Giles Likes Tea, Dixon Brothers and Friends @ Proud

Sat 04th Sep
XK8 presents Campari Safari + Strasbourg + T Mandrake + The Six + Brightlight City @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents DJ’s The Brunettes in the bar @ Barfly Down
XK8 presents Casino Royale + Ian Baker (NME Radio) + Eddie Pillar (Q Radio / Acid Jazz) @ Barfly Down Up
Jack Rabbit slim @ Blues Kitchen
Daniel Jeanrenaud @ Blue Kitchen
Lost Soul Band @ Borderline
Tbc + Kid Canaveral + Alberteen + Dead Models @ Bull and Gate
Laptop Love-In – ‘Live’ Music: Sunny Lazic, megaheadphoneboy, DIAC, Matt James (HP Source) + more @ Camden Head
Rollo Markee @ Green Note
Spiderbaby, Skreamer, Circus Of Invention, Kill 21, The Fins @ Monto Water Rats
Hot Club De Paris, Pull In Emergency, Goldierocks (DJ set) @ Proud

Sun 05th Sep
Macka B, Aisaha, Dub Judea and Jah Youth Sound @ Dingwalls
Nice Haircut!: Shapes, Munroe Effect and Directions @ Enterprise
Jazz Jam @ Green Note
e’Star, I am One, Tetris, Hator Bros, Free D @ Proud

Aug 10

We like The Like

Here at Camden Store HQ we have been waiting with bated breath to see just who would be taking to the stage tonight at The Flowerpot.

Both today and tomorrow had been billed as “Reading/Leeds Preview Nights”. Just who could it be? Who is it?!

Well, here we are, and finally the cat is out of the bag!

Tonight, The Like will be hitting the Pot’s microphones in fabulous style. Originally from LA, these downtown-retro-pop-popping girls have had a roller coaster of a ride through their relatively short musical career. Their debut album Are you thinking what I’m thinking was received by critical acclaim and commercial success. You should check it out.

However, the tale did not end there. The girls’ second album was not deemed up to scratch by their label, and they found themselves cast out into the wilderness. The four damsels were in need of a musical Prince Charming.

As if by magic, Mark Ronson appeared and that was that. The four girls got back to work, and they are now set to release their second album Release Me on the 6th September. Their new single, produced by Ronson, Wishing he was dead is released on Monday. You can check that out, here:

See you at the Pot?

The Camden Store Team X

Aug 10

The Libertines Return

Who doesn’t know the fable of Pete and Carl? Two young lads who had it all: the talent, the songs, the future. It was all theirs for the taking, but in brutal rock and roll style Pete succumbed to temptation, and he broke his best friend’s heart.

We last saw The Libertines play together back in 2004. It was a Love Music Hate Racism gig down in Brixton. They played together and even got good old Mick Jones in on the act for a bit of “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” It is difficult to imagine a better night.

A few months later – then as now – we were preparing ourselves eagerly to see them perform on the main stage at Reading. It was not to be. The night before their due performance slot, we found ourselves packed into the Fez Club in Reading. Pete took to the stage alone, and that was that. The next day a Peter-less Libertines tried their best to rouse us, but as history now records: it was not to be the same again.

So, six years on. We know the tales of Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things. There have been some notable successes. Pete’s solo show, in particular, has got better and better, as if perhaps he is slowly pulling himself out of wherever it is that he had to go.

And here we are. Tomorrow the boys are officially back together. Not just Pete and Carl, but John Hassall and Gary Powell too. They will be performing at the HMV Forumfor a one off pre-Reading/Leeds warm up show.

Maybe things can be the same again, after all?

The Camden Store Team X

Aug 10

Listings (08 23 2010)

List – Me – Up

Mon 23rd Aug
Barfly presents Pull In Emergency + Bison Bison Bison + Stagecoach + Hella Better Dancer + Gordon Raphael DJ Set  Up  @ Barfly 
Barfly presents Speakeasy @ Barfly Down
Dead Leg Promotions: KRAKEN, No Second Chance, Living Nightmare and Unlucky For Some @ Enterprise
M.O.P @ Jazz Rooms
David Caggiari, We Die Tonight, Everyone’s Straight But Kate, The Royal Cartel, Malpas @ Monto Water Rats

Tue 24th Aug
Barfly presents So Cow + States of Emotion + Kamikaze Practice @ Barfly Up 
Barfly presents DJ Eloise De Fine @ Barfly Down
Arlo Guthrie @ Dingwalls
Glasswerk: The Stealers, The Wutars, Brand New Colony and Arun Rao @ Enterprise
James Page @ Flowerpot
M.O.P @ Jazz Rooms
Glasswerk – Live Music: The Library Suits, Zoo Zero, Ivan and the Wolves and Magic Polar Bears @ Monarch
Jukebox Collective, Saiga, Heel, The Low Behold, Pollyanna Valentine @ Monto Water Rats
Wed 25th Aug
Time Out London Sessions presents Hudson Mohawke + Becoming Real + Gold Panda DJ set + Mamiko Motto @ Barfly Up 
Jonathan Powell + Toodar + They’re All Projects + Rony Corcos @ Bull and Gate
Foals @ Dingwalls B-Movie Vampires, Karmadeva and Miss Cosmos @ Enterprise
Ruth Theodore @ Green Note
The Libertines @ The Forum
Skinny Lister @ Lock Tavern
Live Music: Hot Beds, Fake Teak @ Monarch
Moscow Drive, Teenage Hand Model, Shoshin, Sketches @ Monto Water Rats
David E Sugar, Montage Populaire, Mikil Pai, More Live Music, Example DJs, Fashion, Art, Games, Film, Comedy, Extras @ Proud
Allo Darlin’ and Darren Hayman @ Proud

Thu 26th Aug
Barfly & XFM Xposure Live presents Rose Elinor Dougall + Patch William + The Crookes @ Barfly Up  
Barfly presents Rockers & Rebels @ Barfly Down
The Piccadilly Buillfrogs @ Blues Kitchen
Black Angels @ Blues Kitchen
Lifecycle + Thee Piatcions + Electric River + Run Don’t Walk @ Bull and Gate
Thrice @ Electric Ballroom
Big Note: Outakes, Charlie Savigar, The Lightworker and Nick Evans @ Enterprise
Kaz Simmons @ Green Note
The Ghost Train Porters, Dylan Walshe @ Lock Tavern
The Colour Movement, VICES and Escapists @ Monarch
Lazytalk @ Proud

Fri 27th Aug
Barfly presents DJ Mizz Milla @ Barfly Down  
Barfly presents The Recusants + Damn Vandals + Move @ Barfly Up
Barfly presents Fly Mag Issue Launch @ Barfly Down
Birdie King and the Reasons @ Blues Kitchen
Al. B. Damned + Generation Graveyard @ Bull and Gate
Ace Motel: The Voltains, Fever Fever, Anto Dust, Amy Stephenson @ Enterprise
Foxy Shazam @ Flowerpot
The Cedars @ Green Note
Mirrors @ Koko
Music of the Cloud, Cyphar, The Black Crayon Theatre, The Electric Modern, Kevin Burgess & The Kelvins, Behind The Library @ Monto Water Rats
Rene Wonky Pop, Hogg, One + Dixon Brothers @ Proud

Sat 28th Aug
Barfly presents Zemitones + Love In The Asylum + The Angry Years @ Barfly Up 
XK8 presents Smoke & Mirrors + DJ Trenchfoot (Fortress) + DJ John Downfall (Cheap$kates)  @ Barfly Down  
Rollo and The Tailshakers @ Blues Kitchen
Colour Me Wednesday + Jonny Cola & The A-grades + Beta Rays + Daniel Handley @ Bull and Gate
Big Note: Et Tu Brucé?, Shere Khan, Bince & Candy, Nikki Murray @ Enterprise
Errol Linton @ Green Note
Imaginaire, Starside, The Baron Von Marlo @ Monto Water Rats
Higamos Hogamos, Muchuu, Victoria & Jacob, Jamie C90 @ Proud

Sun 29th Aug
Barfly presents Set Adrift on the Airwaves – Chapter 1 + The Electric Flowers + Callum Read & The Books + To The Chase @ Barfly Up 
Barfly presents Rockers & Rebels @ Barfly Down
Be’lakor + Death By Ki + Cry Havoc + Flame Fracture @ Bull and Gate
Monkey Magic @ Enterprise
The Black and Reds @ Flowerpot
Misty Miller @ Green Note
L-vis 1990 & Bok Bok (Night Slugs / B2B Acid Set), Stopmakingme (Kill Em All / AITBF), Andrew Thomson (Huntley & Palmer’s), Casper C, Skull Juice, NikNikNik @ Lock Tavern
Patch William, Juan Zelada, Brendan Picchio @ Proud