June, 2010

Jun 10

Midweek blues?

Everyone hates Wednesdays. A bit like everyone hates 3pm;  too early and too late for anything.

Let’s look forward to tomorrow.

Playing at the Enterprise tomorrow evening is the lovely James Green. He will surely banish all midweek blues with his folky charms.

Alternatively, you could always check out The Morning Benders at The Barfly. They will probably make you smile with their throw back 60s beach pop/indie sounds.

Over and out.

The Camden Store Team X

Jun 10

Listings (06 28 2010)

List – Me – Up

Mon 28 June
Road To Standon – Live Music: Audio.Video.Disco, I Dream In Colour, Stained Glass Heroes, The Cutaway + Civilian @ The Monarch
Mariachi El Bronx + Little Death @ Barfly (Up)

Tue 29 June
Glasswerk – Live Music: Curtains, Ambassadors Of Morocco, Up and Spaghetti Anywhere @ The Monarch
Mirrors + The Chakras + Hektor Red @ Barfly (Up)
Glasswerk presents…, Mercers, Dom Jaekle, Dead loss Dick + more @ Enterprise
Adelaide’s Cape @ The Flowerpot (Pictured)

Wed 30 June
Tourdates Sessions – Live Music: Peppermint Hunting Lodge, Zebedy Rays and 50ft Woman @ The Monarch
Club Fandango – Live Music: Leigh Mary Stokes, The Other Dances, Citizens Of The Universe and Patrick James Pearson @ The Camden Head
Oh Verona ALBUM LAUNCH, Free copy of the album with every ticket… + Mad Moon Sea (Upstairs) + Paul Child (Upstairs) + Jay Brown Band (Upstairs) + The Quiet Night (Downstairs) + Helen Green & The Sirens (Downstairs) + Tabitha Benjamin (Downstairs) @ Barfly (Up and Down)
Shady Bard @ The Flowerpot
Milly’s World @ Proud
Kalk Tik and You are Wolf @ Green Note

Thu 01 July
Club Fandango – Live Music: Mat Motte, Damn Vandals and Bad Wolfe @ The Monarch
The Morning Benders @ Barfly (Up)
Up All Night presents…., James Greene, Tin Hearts, All the queens Ravens + more @ Enterprise
Zingaroos @ Green Note

Fri 02 July
The Wild Mercury Sound + XIII and The Brave + The Faults + Dance Magpie Dance (Patch William) @ Barlfy (Up)
Bangers & Mash + Pull In Emergency + Old School Tie + The Projekt + Filthy Whisky + James Theaker (NME Radio) & Emily Rawson @ Barfly (Down)
Monkey Magic Presents…., The Rialto Burns, Black Market Karma and Plus Special Guests @ Enterprise
Takilo @ Green Note

Sat 03rd July
Campari Safari + Novak Stare + Joanna And The Wolf + Yeah And She Has Red Lips Too @ Barfly (Up)
Casino Royale + Eddie Pillar (Q Radio / Acid Jazz) + DJ Black Knight @ Barfly (Down)
Black Blossom Presents…, Simon Bell, Wonk Unit, Kid Champion + more @ Enterprise

Sun 04th July
Eyes That Lie + Jo Gillot + Eilidh Forster @ Barfly (Down)
Noiya + Agnitio + Angels Of Zion @ Barfly (Up)
Camden Calling presents…, Dj D-Mana, V doublee, Bill Rythmn + more @ Enterprise
Canto Do Sol, Achilles, The Mekkits and The Rileys’ @ Dingwalls
Devendra Banhart @ Koko

Jun 10

These boots are made for walking

Back to 1966 we go.

Here’s one for the boys in that changing room far, far away.

Walking on to the next round.

The Camden Store Team X

Jun 10

My Tiger My Timing

This never happens. The sun appears to be colliding with the weekend.

Tonight we recommend a trip to the proudest galleries we know to catch an absolutely brilliant act. My Tiger My Timing are on the cusp of greatness and you would be sad to miss them.

Fresh back from the Isle of Wight festival, The Camden Store Team managed to grab a couple of minutes with Anna from the band. 

Here we go.

CS: How often do you guys get to play in Camden?

A: We play Camden quite a lot – it’s always been one of the best places for live music in London, this is probably our fourth time at Proud!

CS: Do you have a preferred venue in Camden?

A: Last year we played Koko – that was pretty special, it’s a beautiful interior and a great crowd on a Friday night.

CS: What was the gig of your life?

A: I think we’d all agree that both times we played in Paris were pretty amazing, and more recently we toured in Germany – the show at Astra Stube in Hamburg was definitely a special moment for us, we can’t wait to go back.

CS: What was the best gig you have ever seen?

A: Too many to mention!  Most recently we were playing at the Isle of Wight Festival and some of the other bands there were outstanding – Vampire Weekend were totally on form, Jay Z rocked, obviously Paul McCartney was pretty momentous…

CS: Do you have a favourite lyric?

A: Writing lyrics is a fine balance of communicating something personal and universal at the same time, so it means something to you but other people can relate to it as well.  I guess I like a lyric from our song ‘I Am The Sound’ which goes “our hearts are changing shape…” – it’s sort of about falling out of love.

CS: What about other people’s lyrics?

A: I really like the lyrics in ‘11th Dimension’ by Julian Casablancas – they’re really uplifting and encouraging if you’re trying to make music – “it won’t end here, your faith has got to be greater than your fear”

CS: What gig dates do you have lined up for the next few months?

A: We’re currently recording our first album so the focus is there for us – we’re at Proud Galleries in Camden tonight and then a few festival slots – we’re doing V Festival, Fesibelly and Lemonfest.  We’re hoping to get back out to Europe in the autumn.

CS: Who is the best band that you have played with?

A: All of our friends’ bands – Hook & The Twin, Plugs, Post War Years, Is Tropical, Crystal Fighters, La Shark…

CS: If you could return as another performer, who would you be?

A: I think I’d like to know what it’s like to be able to play guitar like Jimmy Page..

CS: Given that it is summer, do you have a favourite festival?

A: We had a blast at Isle of Wight – it’s got a really great atmosphere, we had perfect weather and it was a great line-up. Plus it’s on an island wich makes it kind of exciting.

CS: If you met someone coming to Camden for the first time, what advice would you give them?

A: Make sure you check out some live music because it’s the lifeblood of Camden.

CS: Thanks Anna from My Tiger My Timing.

It is summer. Let’s dance.

The Camden Store Team X

Jun 10

Strange boys

We only went and made it through. Excellent work. The Camden Store Team was never worried.

We always knew we’d do ok.

Now, we can relax our way into the weekend. It is so close now, we can almost taste it.

Tonight, why not try out some Strange Boys? Favourites of Radio 6, these guys come from Texas and pump out some rather excellent garage pop. Give it a go. You never know, you might like it. They are playing tonight at The Borderline. Who needs Glastonbury? We have it all here.

Happy camping.

The Camden Store Team X